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Our vision

Our vision of motorbike clothing

There is not much compromise about protection in motorcycle apparel. Being riders ourselves we know exactly how essential it is to wear protection apparel equipped with original and proven components, which might just “save our butt”.

Being aware of it we never go for cheap or sometimes fake imitations of original products, but choose our components carefully from proven European suppliers and manufactures. Only this way we can provide the highest level of quality and protection.

The fashion range of men and women jeans / pants feature a soft non-abrasive original DuPontTM Kevlar® lining in the back, hips, outside of thighs and knee area.

We are all bikers in Mottowear ,so we all know what a biker really needs ,and all our jeans are produced to give us the knowledge that Mottowear jeans offer style and comfort but deliver the highest protection available. Whatever your age or style or bike you’re into we have jeans that will suit you.